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Routine Vision Care

Routine vision evaluations are the looking glass to preventing future disease. Garland Eye Associates comprehensive approach to eye care includes routine, non-medical eye examinations for glasses and contact lenses. The exam evaluates:
  • Visual Acuity
  • Need for glasses or contact lenses
  • Eye muscle coordination
  • Response of your pupils to light
  • Side (Peripheral) vision
  • Risk of glaucoma
  • Eyelids
  • Inside the eye using optical instruments
After your exam, your physician will be happy to discuss the results of your exam, talk over any issues or concerns you may have and answer questions about available treatments. Should you need contacts or glasses, our team will discuss what will work best with your lifestyle needs.

If you experience any changes in your vision between regularly scheduled visits with your eye specialist, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Early detection and treatment of problems can be the key to preventing loss of vision.

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