5_2_3_eyeq_logo-(2).gifYou have special qualities that make you and your eyes different from everyone else's. You deserve a laser that can address these special qualities and features of your eyes and provide you with the most optimal vision. That's just what OptiLASIK™ with the WaveLight® laser can do for you. Garland Eye Associates have chosen the WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q laser from Alcon® because to them your safety and results are priorities. The WaveLight laser has the best outcomes of an excimer laser ever reported to the FDA. It is designed to preserve the natural shape of your cornea, thus giving you the best quality of vision.

The flying small spot laser – the WaveLight®, corrects the errors in your eyes by reshaping your cornea with extreme precision. The errors that prevent you from focusing light properly and seeing clearly are correcting using speed and accuracy. High speed tracking also ensures precise placement of the laser pulses while it follows the normal movements of your eyes during the procedure.

OptiLASIK™ with the WaveLight® laser is designed to provide you with optimal vision.

IntraLase® Laser
IntraLase® has been found to be an integral part of laser vision correction surgery with optimal outcomes. In the past, the step of creating a flap in the cornea has been done with a surgical blade. By using the IntraLase® laser, the surgeon can achieve a higher level of accuracy resulting in more precise and predictable procedures.

The IntraLase® laser dramatically reduces the risk of complications. In fact, this newly raised level of precision is what has opened the doors to patients who were not previously candidates for laser vision correction.

Wavefront Technology Laser
As a pioneer in wavefront technology, the WaveLight® laser was specifically designed from the start to address the most prevalent wavefront error and provide the best quality of vision possible. It utilizes PerfectPulse Technology® to ensure every laser pulse is completely controlled from the point where it is generated to the point where it is applied to your cornea. During the application of the laser pulses, it uses measurements specific to your unique cornea to ensure it maintains the natural shape of your cornea, preserving and enhancing your eyes to their optimal vision.

Safety and precision are very important to Garland Eye Associates. We spare no expense to bring the best in technology to the Dallas Metroplex and to our patients. 20/20 is a very impressive result, but many of our patients actually see better than 20/20. As you join the approximately 1.3 million other Americans who have LASIK each year, know that you have chosen an eye care center a center who knows the importance of technology in addressing your eyes and their unique qualities.

Important Safety Information for WaveLight® Products
There are potential side effects including glare from bright lights, halos (rings around lights), light sensitivity, night driving glare, and visual fluctuation. Your individual risks will be discussed at the time of your consultation. For more information regarding the risks and benefits associated with the Wavelight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q treatment, please visit or